Victoria General Medicine - Surgery - Cancer Care Program
Rehabilitative Services

The Victoria General Medicine/Surgery/Cancer Care program is an interdisciplinary group of clinicians who work collaboratively with other members of the health care team within the medicine/surgery/cancer care and transplant services.  

The team offers services such as:

  • Music Therapy 
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Recreation therapy 
  • Social work
  • Spiritual and religious care

Location and contact information 

Inpatient Locations: 

  • All inpatient units at the VG site

Ambulatory Care Locations: 

  • Nova Scotia Cancer Center
  • Nova Scotia Health Authority Renal Program
  • Multi-Organ Transplant Program
  • Lymphoedema Clinic 
  • Various other clinics aligned with inpatient program areas

Lindsay Dickson, Program Manager
1276 South Park Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 2Y9
Tel: 902-473-1284

How do I access this program?

Clinicians receive referrals from various referral sources, depending on the service required.  If you require additional information, please phone 902-473-5180.