Seniors Clinic - Northern Zone

About us:

  • We are a team of health care professionals dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of seniors in Pictou, Colchester, Cumberland and East Hants County’s.
  • The Seniors’ Clinic is a multidisciplinary healthcare team who performs an in-depth assessment of seniors physical health, cognitive status and functional abilities.
  • We advise patients’, families and their primary care providers on strategies to promote healthy living in community and our goal is to promote health, safety, and independence.
  • We are knowledgeable of available supports, programs, and services for seniors in the community and will help link with those that are necessary.
  • The Seniors’ Clinic assists seniors and their caregivers in understanding the health care system.
  • In our community, we will provide consultation, education, health promotion and wellness activities related to aging.

A healthy community is essential. We believe in community development. We will work with seniors to bring positive change for our community with respect to their needs.

Location, hours and contact information

Toll Free: 1-877-916-7150
Fax: 902-896-2608

Office locations:
Colchester County: Rath Eastlink Community Center, Truro, NS
Cumberland County:  All Saints Springhill Hospital, Springhill, NS
Pictou County: Sutherland Harris Memorial Hospital, Pictou, NS

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 08:30-04:30pm

How do I access this program?  

Where will you see us?

  • The initial assessment is usually completed in the senior’s home
  • In our clinic
  • At organized wellness and health promotion activities

Who can refer?

  • Anyone – for example – physician, home care coordinator, self-referral.
  • Referral forms are available or you can call the Seniors’ Clinic directly

Your family doctor is made aware of the referral
In order to allow clients to benefit from our recommendations, a primary care provider who can implement recommendations, support and monitor the patients’ health is required prior to being assessed by the Seniors’ Clinic.

Who would benefit from the Seniors’ Clinic?

Those 65 years of age and older who have any of the following:

  • multiple medical problems – but do not currently need care in hospital
  • a recent health issue that may affect their ability to live independently
  • are on multiple medications
  • are becoming unsteady on their feet and/or have been experiencing falls
  • are experiencing changes in their memory
  • caregivers who have questions / concerns about caring for seniors
  • want to learn more about how to maintain health, safety, and independence as they age