Prenatal Clinics
Maternal and Child
Prenatal Clinics provide care to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. The Clinic provides a good setting for mothers to receive quality care and helps the mother-to-be and family make informed choices. 
At each visit you will see the clinic nurse and physician. They will assess you and your growing baby. They will also give you information about your pregnancy and answer questions. 
Some other things that may also happen when you visit the Prenatal Clinic: 
  • At each visit you may have a full examination including weight, blood pressure, urine test, baby’s heart rate and measure the size of your baby bump. 
  • A pelvic exam and Pap smear will also be done on your first visit. 
  • Blood work and ultrasounds will be ordered when needed. 

More about this clinic

Location, contact information and hours

Tel: 902.752.7600 ext 2530
Tel: 902-532-2381
Tel: 902-567-7840
Tel: 902-667-5400 Ext. 6149
Tel: 902-842-2844
Tel: 902-825-3411
Tel: 902-527-1180
Tel: 902-863-2830 Ext. 4364 (Open Arms Clinic) Tel: 902-863-2830 Ext. 4482 (Perinatal Clinic)
Tel: 902-679-2657 ext 3052
Tel: 902-742 3542 ext 1459
Please note, if you are located in the HRM, the IWK offers prenatal services

How do I access this service?

After your pregnancy is confirmed, your family doctor or nurse practitioner can refer you to these clinics. If you don’t have a family doctor or nurse practitioner you can call the clinic yourself to make an appointment.

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