Eye and Vision Care

Orthoptists are allied health professionals in ophthalmology who specialize in ocular motility and visual development. Their primary role is to investigate and aid in the diagnosis of visual system dysfunctions involving vision, eye movement, eye alignment, and binocularity in children and adults. The orthoptist is the front line in the assessment and diagnosis of these disorders, and works with the ophthalmologist in formulating and implementing treatment plans.  Orthoptics focuses on the non-surgical treatment of amblyopia and strabismus, but many orthoptists are also actively involved with research and teaching.


Aberdeen Hospital
Eye Clinic 2nd floor
835 East River Road
New Glasgow, NS B2H 3S6
Orthoptists: Marilyn Adams & Kirsten Snow
Phone: (902)752-7600 ext 2950
Fax: (902)755-3340
Colchester East Hants Health Centre
Ambulatory Care Department
600 Abenaki Road
Truro, N.S. B2N 5A1
Orthoptist: Kirsten Snow
Phone: (902)301-2970
Fax: (902)893-8321
Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre
Ambulatory Care Department
19428 Trunk 2
Amherst, NS B4H 3Y4
Orthoptist: Kirsten Snow
Phone: (902)667-7733
Fax: (902)667-667-1340
520 Purves Street
North Sydney, NS B2A 3M4
Mon-Fri 8:30m- 4:30
Phone: (902) 794-1738

St. Martha's Hospital
Ambulatory Care Department
25 Bay Street
Antigonish, NS B2G 2G4
Orthoptist- Kirsten Snow
Phone: (902)301-2970 or (902)752-7600 ext 2950
Fax: (902)755-3340

IWK -Grace Health Centre
Ophthalmology Department
5850/5980 University Avenue
Halifax, NS B3K 6R8
Phone: (902)470-8020
Fax: (902)470-7207

QEII Health Sciences Centre - VG Site
Eye Care Centre - Unit 2A Centennial Building
Orthoptists:  Lillian Aladejebi, Jenna Clark, Stacey Durling & Laura J. Irons
1276 South Park St.
Halifax, NS. B3H 2Y9
Phone: (902) 473-2786

How do I get an appointment?

Appointments are by referral from ophthalmology or neurology only.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

No special preparation is required

What can I expect to happen during my appointment?

You will undergo a full motor (eye muscle), vision and sensory examination.

Information for Health Care providers

Due to a global shortage of orthoptists, there are excellent job prospects in the profession.  At present, there is a 100 per cent employment rate.