Maria Nemer and her passion for emergency preparedness

Photo of Maria Nemer, Emergency Preparedness Advisor, with her dog, Bert
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Reflections on the first year at Hospice Cape Breton

Photo of Jane Lewis, chair, Hospice Palliative Care Society of Cape Breton County; Laurie Mortimer. clinical nurse educator, palliative care, Eastern Zone, and Patricia Jackson, past chair of the Hospice Society and co-lead of the Hospice Build Project
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Palliative Care Week Profile - Kathryn Purdy, Palliative Care Manager, Community Palliative and Seniors Clinics, Northern Zone

Photo of Kathryn Purdy, Nova Scotia Health Northern Zone’s Palliative Care Manager
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“We want to make sure nurses remain in health care”: How an early immersion program sets up nursing students for success

Photo of Graham Pegg, Undergraduate Student Nurse
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Palliative Care Week Profile – Shannon Purcell RN, Central Zone

Photo of critical care registered nurse, Shannon Purcell
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