What are Community Health Boards? (VIDEO - 2:00)

Our Community Health Board-HD

In the Spring of 2016, three Community Health Boards (CHB) in the eastern zone pooled some resources together to create a CHB recruitment and awareness video. The video is designed to increase public awareness of the role of CHBs and to support boards in their recruitment efforts.

The video showcases some of the beautiful landscapes across the eastern zone and hopes to spark interest and start conversations about how members of the community can become involved with CHBs as a volunteer or develop a better understanding of what they do and how they work with Nova Scotia Health Authority to help build healthy communities.

For more information on a CHB in your area, please visit:

The CHBs wish to thank Corinne Dunphy for her work on the video. Her support and talents do not go unrecognized. ‎


Interviewees include:

·         Kalen Long (Strait Richmond CHB member)

·         Emily Harnish (Guysborough CHB member)

·         Phil Girvan (Antigonish Town and County CHB member)

·         Stacy Williams (Guysborough CHB member)

·         Andrea Donovan (CHB Coordinator)