Sobeys supporting QEII health care teams caring for COVID-19 patients

As COVID-19 continues in Nova Scotia, Sobeys Spryfield store manager, Garron Carmichael, and Wellbeing Counsellor, Elizabeth MacDonald, wanted to help health care workers who are putting themselves on the front lines every day.

They came up with the idea to use their food and nutrition expertise to help QEII Health Sciences Centre health care teams do what they’re experts at – caring for patients.

“We love to be able to give back to the community,” says Elizabeth. “And now it’s more important than ever.”

With the help of Felecia Tighe Kimball, registered dietician at Sobeys Fall River and Clayton Park, they got to work planning a menu.

“Soup is easy to make in large batches and provides the nutrition and satiety the health care teams need to make it through their shift,” says Felecia.

With three kinds of hearty soups and dinner rolls in tow, Elizabeth and Felecia delivered the meals to those caring for COVID-19 patients at the QEII.

“Everyone is very grateful and thankful to Sobeys,” says Chris Fraser, a health services manager at one of the QEII’s COVID-19 units. “Often when we’re busy taking care of patients, we may go hours and hours without eating. Sobeys shows community dedication in recognizing that – and that means a lot to us.”

Kathryn Roberts, charge nurse on the unit echoes Chris’ gratitude.

“Outside these four walls, the community is out there working to support us.”

Chris and Kathryn stress how important this is. They acknowledge that everyone at the QEII is stepping up, with many staff and units making changes in their normal routine, to allow for the specialized care of COVID-19 patients.

“Even if they’re not caring for them directly, everyone at the QEII has been impacted by COVID-19,” says Kathryn. “Housekeepers, porters, maintenance, physicians and other health care staff – it feels like we’re all working as a team to conquer this.”