Q & A: QEII VG Flood

Centennial - Wet Floor

Q & A  - The Victoria General Flood

When/ where did the flooding take place?

A pipe on the 5th floor of the Centennial building, Victoria General site failed on Thursday evening.  The 5th floor and the floors below, of the east side of the building have been affected.

Is the leak now contained?

Yes. The water flow was stopped late Thursday evening.  Water cleanup / drying is ongoing.

What is the level of damage to the affected areas?

The damage is extensive on the affected floors.  A full assessment is being conducted.

Is there any risk of Legionella?

Legionella is contracted by inhaling water vapour carrying the bacteria or aspirating ("sucking in") affected water into the lungs.  Patients who are immunocompromised are vulnerable to infection. The primary means of reducing patient risk over that period has been our Water Rules policy (see link below) which remains in effect for those patients.  The risk of exposure to Legionella from flood water (i.e. not aerosolized) would be considered extremely low.   

What is the estimated length of time the areas will be unusable?

We are currently assessing the affected areas. We expect that it will be a prolonged period of time before the affected areas resume normal operation.

How many patients were displaced? Where?

Approximately 50 patients were affected. The majority were relocated within the Victoria General site and a few were transferred to the Halifax Infirmary site.

Will my surgery / appointment be postponed? 

Most procedures at the Victoria General site will go ahead as planned on Monday and Tuesday. Some elective surgeries have been postponed, and patients who are impacted have been contacted.  Many eye clinic appointments and procedures have been impacted by the flooding. Patients have been contacted.

Who should I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the clinical area directly by calling the phone number listed on the letter that you received confirming your appointment.  

For general flood information please call (902) 473-2700 or toll free at  1-(855) 473-2700.