PSA: Public Health is reminding Nova Scotians to stay COVID-safe

Public Health is reminding Nova Scotians to stay COVID-safe 
As we head into a long weekend with increased rates of active COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia, Public Health is encouraging Nova Scotians to do everything they can to limit the spread of COVID-19. 
1. Stay home if you’re feeling sick – even if you have an itchy throat or headache, stay home. COVID-19 may be very mild for you but may be more severe for someone else in your family or social circle.
2. Test before you go out with others – pick-up a rapid COVID-19 test and test two days before your plans (if possible), and the day of.
3. Wear a mask in indoor public spaces – wearing a mask is a good tool to limit the spread of all kinds of viruses, not just COVID.
4. Keep your social circles small and consistent – just in case someone near you unknowingly has COVID, limiting the number of people you interact with will help stop the spread.
5. Stay up-to-date on what vaccinations and boosters are available to you - Vaccination continues to be our best defense against severe illness from COVID-19.
 “We know that many people are tired of hearing this advice, but we are still in a pandemic, and cannot predict how severely the virus will impact each person infected,” said Dr. Ryan Sommers, Senior Regional Medical Officer of Health and Senior Medical Director Public Health. “This long weekend will be a time to gather for many, and some will have to make difficult decisions about where they go and who they see. We hope Nova Scotians will heed our advice and take the necessary precautions.”
For details on where you can pick up rapid tests, what happens if you test positive and what to do if someone in your household tests positive, visit