PSA: Nova Scotians who complete the COVID-19 Report and Support form will now get a confirmation text message

The COVID-19 Report and Support form is an essential way Nova Scotians are active in their own COVID-19 health care. Completing this form is the fastest way people are assessed for certain medications that reduce the risk of severe illness with COVID-19.

People who complete Report and Support and provide a mobile phone number will now receive a text message to confirm receipt of their form. Due to high volumes, Public Health will follow up only with those who require further assessment.

Report and Support should be completed when you have a positive COVID-19 rapid test or when you book a COVID-19 PCR test. Those who complete the form when they book a PCR will receive two notifications, one with your PCR test results and the other confirming the receipt of your Report and Support form. If you receive a text saying your Report and Support form has been received, this does not mean you are COVID-19 positive. Only a rapid test or your PCR test result can confirm your COVID-19 status. If your PCR test is negative, your information will be deleted from the Report and Support system.

Report and Support can be filled out online at or by phone at 1-833-797-7772. Treatment for mild COVID-19 is recommended within 5 to 7 days from when symptoms begin, so timely testing and reporting is important.

Not everyone needs the COVID-19 medications available through Report and Support. However, anyone with a cough from COVID-19 is encouraged to speak to a primary care provider or pharmacist, who may prescribe an inhaler (budesonide), to reduce this symptom.

Prevention remains the best way to protect your health and reduce the spread of illness in our communities. Staying up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccines, masking in indoor public settings and practicing good hand hygiene will help keep you and others healthy.

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