President and CEO Janet Knox: "We have to shift the conversation about health"

Janet Knox CEO of the Nova Scotia Health Authority

Dear colleagues,

Good morning and welcome to Nova Scotia Health Authority. After many months in planning, it’s good to be here.

As we enter into this new organization, I feel a strong sense of optimism. Today, we bring together nine district health authorities, each of which offers successes and best practices to the whole. Our job now is to build on the momentum of this good work as we build an even stronger, more united system together.

Together with our communities, we have a big but exciting job ahead – focusing on the long-term health outcomes of our people. As we work to achieve this reality, we will also focus our energy on creating a workplace where you feel supported to bring your best to work every day.

My colleagues and I on the executive leadership team look forward to continuing to get to know you and our new organization better. We will be listening, learning and connecting, knowing that each of you holds a piece of our collective success.

There will be challenges. But I believe we – and our communities – have the vision, wisdom and commitment to be successful. The result will be the best of all of us, opening up opportunities we have hoped for as well as those we haven’t even imagined.

I’d ask you to take a moment and consider what a healthy Nova Scotia looks like to you. We touch lives every day through our programs and services, and that will not change. We will continue to provide compassionate, quality care and service in our hospitals and in our communities. However, we must also look ahead to the Nova Scotia we want to create together: where each of us achieves our best possible state of health and – when needed – receives the care that enables us to maintain quality of life.

Our visual identity, inspired by the powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean, signifies the momentum and strength we have to shift the conversation about health. Just as each ocean wave impacts the shape of our coast, the collective effort of individuals and communities will impact the health of our province and our people. As we begin this journey as Nova Scotia Health Authority, we will each play an important role.

Thank you for joining me on the journey.

Janet Knox

President and CEO