Nova Scotia Health Authority patients and providers take to social media to ask, listen and talk

Patient Safety Week

Ask, listen, talk – and help save lives.

That was the theme of the 2016 Canadian Patient Safety Week, which ran Oct. 24 through Oct. 28 across the country, including throughout Nova Scotia Health Authority.

This year’s campaign, called Questions Save Lives, encouraged health care providers and patients alike to take to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to ask health-related questions that are important to them, include the #AskListenTalk hashtag, and create frank online discussions about sometimes tough topics.

Ultimately, the project led by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute aims to make health care safer for everyone.

Several Questions Save Lives stations were set up at various high-traffic locations throughout Nova Scotia Health Authority over the course of the week, with patients, families and staff members stopping by to ask the safety questions on their minds.

A few examples of queries received on NSHA’s social media pages include general questions such as, “have you washed your hands?” and, “will this hurt?” to more specific queries such as, “how will you keep me safe when I don’t remember who I am?” and “what happens if I choose not to have treatment?”

Check out Nova Scotia Health Authority’s Facebook page for more examples of questions asked during this year’s Patient Safety Week.

Visit the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s website for more information.