Making Waves: Celebrating Dr. Richard Braha’s commitment to excellence and courage to create change

Dr. Richard Braha

Dr. Richard Braha is this year’s recipient of the Making Waves Outstanding Contribution Award. This award recognizes the contributions of an exceptional physician, employee, or team in their daily delivery of service to others.

As a staff neuropsychologist and program manager for the Acquired Brain Injury Program (ABI), Dr. Braha has dedicated over 25 years to delivering and improving health care for patients with acquired brain injuries. As included in his nomination, “Dr. Braha demonstrates courage in his managerial role, where he is not afraid to make difficult changes to service delivery to best meet the needs of the individuals we serve.”

Dr. Braha also leads the ABI Network, a provincial network of care for ABI that improves care for clients and their families. The network spans the continuum of care planning, management, and delivery of health services, to best support clients and their families within Nova Scotia’s major hospitals.

Q&A with Dr. Braha:

1. Congratulations on receiving the Outstanding Contribution Award! Tell us a bit about yourself what you do, where you are located and your favourite part about it.

“I am the Program Manager for the ABI program within the Rehabilitation and Supportive Care Portfolio at Nova Scotia Health. The program is comprised of multiple services and interdisciplinary teams. It represents a large number of services that span the continuum of care including components of the epilepsy program, zone stroke program, inpatient ABI rehabilitation services, outpatient ABI rehabilitation services, and an interprofessional community-based ABI outreach and day program service based at the new Bedford NeuroCommons. My team also provides education, resources and support for clinicians working in a number of other areas of the organization.” 

“My favourite part is working with the ABI program team to make improvements in the lives of patients and their families. I am lucky to work with great clinicians and leaders.”

2. How do you feel your work contributes to the health and wellbeing of Nova Scotians? Why is it important?

“As a team, we work together to identify gaps in the health care system by reviewing best practice documents, conducting surveys, and having conservations with patients and their families to provide the best possible evidence-based care. Also engaging and listening to the concerns and needs of the patient can allow us to make improvements, big or small, to allow the patient to optimize their chances for recovery and rehabilitation and move forward in their care.”   

3. What does it mean to you, to receive the Outstanding Contribution Award?

“I am very humbled to receive this award. There are lots of teams doing outstanding work, and it validates your work when you receive recognition. This award only enhances my motivation to keep focused on improvements for patients and their families.”

4. As this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award, how do you hope to inspire others who are working to make a difference in the lives of Nova Scotians each day.

“I hope our work will provide inspiration and hope to others who are working to make a difference in the lives of Nova Scotians. Our team exemplifies that it’s possible to make a difference through meaningful collaboration. Together, I am confident we will do even more.”

Congratulations to Dr. Braha for receiving the Outstanding Contribution Award. As said in Dr. Braha’s nomination, “Dr. Braha is very respectful of people with ABI and their families, listening attentively to their concerns and feedback and acting on those issues. He also demonstrates respect in his interactions with all of his colleagues across our organization.” An unwavering dedication to patient outcomes and a collaborative approach to health care are just some of the elements that contribute to being an outstanding health care professional. Thank you for your contributions, Dr. Braha.