Leading by example

Skate and Chat

From October 2015 to April 2016, we asked Nova Scotians what we need to do to create a healthier future. Talk about health included 42 face-to-face conversations with almost 1,000 people in communities across the province, asking big questions about how we can change our health status. Our Community Health Boards and many other community partners and stakeholders collaborated to make these events a huge success.

Queens County was the first to host a Talk about health event, and it appears to have had quite an impact on the county.

“We were very eager to participate in the health authority’s ‘Talk about health’ because it is very important in this region,” explained Richard MacLellan, Chief Administrative Officer for the Region of Queens Municipality.

“Queens County has a vision to be a healthy, sustainable, vibrant community doing things that show leadership and make it easy to do things that involve physical activity,” MacLellan added.

And with that, “Skate & Chat” was formed. Skate & Chat was a chance for the community to get out and meet the local council all while being physically active.

“We wanted to show that we as a council are united now talking about health and wellness,” added Brian Fralic, Councilor for Queens County, District 3.

It’s all about leading by example.

“Health needs to be part of the conversation and it’s not something you can change overnight,” Fralic added.

“It has to be part of every decision we make. That gets us started in the right direction.”

Queens County Council hopes that Nova Scotians find more and more reasons to incorporate physical activity into normal social and day-to-day business.

Their advice?

“Any time you can incorporate something fun and active into normal activities and normal business is smart, whether that’s encouraging staff to go for a walk or a run at lunch or do walking meetings. The more you’re talking and walking and doing things like that, the better.”