Greater freedom and flexibility with at-home dialysis treatment

Antle sits next to dialysis pump

Jim Antle started in-hospital dialysis treatment for advanced kidney disease at age 65. This meant spending three days a week at the hospital, a 30-kilometre drive each way from New Waterford to Cape Breton Regional Hospital in Sydney. A few months after starting dialysis, Antle changed to at-home treatment. More than three years later, he can’t imagine going back.

“Your whole day was messed up,” Antle said of his time receiving dialysis in hospital. With home dialysis, Antle can take advantage of shorter, more frequent shifts, working around his schedule.

Patients who receive home dialysis treatment are trained extensively on how to use the machine, how to give themselves needles and how to troubleshoot issues. “You pretty much knew the machine by the time you were through training,” commented Antle.

Even with the training, Antle said, “I was overwhelmed when I started.” However, it didn’t take him long to become confident with the process. “If I can catch on to it, anyone can!” With greater flexibility and the freedom to live his life on his terms, Antle said, “I’d recommend it for anybody. I’d never give this up!”

March is Kidney Month.