A fresh look for a new organization

Nova Scotia Health Authority Logo

Introducing the Nova Scotia Health Authority visual identity.

How do we create a healthier Nova Scotia?

There is no single easy answer but the opportunity we have, as Nova Scotia Health Authority, is to bring a focused and innovative approach that supports Nova Scotians to be healthy and stay healthy.

Our visual identity, inspired by the powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean, signifies the momentum and strength we have to shift the conversation about health. Just as each ocean wave impacts the shape of our coast, the collective effort of individuals and communities will impact the health of our province and our people.

As we begin this journey as Nova Scotia Health Authority, let’s think about the role we each play as team members, community members and individuals. Understanding our identity can help us bring it to life – together.

How did we get here?

Over the past few months, we have gathered feedback from the public, staff, community and other stakeholders to better understand what people need from Nova Scotia Health Authority. We heard about the need to change the health of our population and to provide programs and services that guide and support Nova Scotians to optimize their health. We heard about the unique needs of rural and urban communities and the desire to provide value through an efficient and effective system.

This feedback is what inspired our logo and visual identity. Many voices contributed to it, just as many voices will contribute to the way forward.

Where do we go from here?

Our visual identity is a visual representation of our organization; we are the ones who will live it. Together, we will shift the current state of health in our province, creating healthy people, healthy communities, for generations.