Enhancing After Hours Access And Safety At Victoria County Memorial Hospital

Nova Scotia Health Authority is enhancing after-hours access and safety at Victoria County Memorial Hospital in Baddeck.

A new camera and intercom system has been installed at the hospital’s main entrance to allow safe after-hours access for visitors to the site as well as patients coming to the emergency department.

People in the community will now access the site through the main entrance only. There are two sets of doors at the entrance. A buzzer and the intercom are located between the doors. The second set of doors will be locked after 7 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and after 4 p.m. from Friday to Sunday. People coming to the hospital after-hours will need to press the buzzer and wait for staff to buzz them into the building. Signage will be in place at the hospital’s entrances to provide direction for people.

The addition of the camera and intercom system will help ensure staff and patient safety by alerting staff that a person is entering the building. This helps staff know how many people are in the building at any given time. The system will also benefit emergency department staff and patients. It will alert the staff that a patient has entered the building and has presented to the department. This will help staff provide more efficient triage for patients.


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