Early testing for COVID-19 and completing Report and Support gives access to COVID-19 treatment for eligible Nova Scotians

Nova Scotia Health is urging people who have any COVID-19 symptoms including even one mild symptom, to get tested and complete the online Report & Support screening form. In doing so, those considered high-risk may be eligible for COVID-19 medications and treatments to help reduce the risk of severe illness and hospitalization.

Completing the Report and Support screening form is key to ensuring you are assessed for COVID-19 treatment as soon as possible, as the medications can only be administered within the first week of symptoms developing.

All Nova Scotians should complete the Report and Support online screening form as soon as they book a PCR test or have received a positive rapid test result. This online screening tool collects information about a person’s risk for severe illness and alerts Nova Scotia Health so that potentially eligible people may be assessed as soon as possible for COVID-19 treatment.

Treatment for early and mild COVID-19 does not benefit everyone therefore the eligibility criteria for prescribing is specific.

“Not everyone benefits from prescribed COVID medication,” explains Dr. Lisa Barrett, Infectious Disease Specialist with Nova Scotia Health. “These treatments aren’t for most people who get COVID-19 – it’s for a very specific group who are at a higher risk of serious illness and meet other criteria. There is also a very small window of opportunity for the medications to be effective. That’s why it’s critical when Nova Scotians are booking their test that they fill out the Report and Support form right away. That way, if they test positive with a PCR we know almost immediately if they may be eligible and can follow-up with them.”

If someone tests positive on a rapid test, it is just as important to complete the Report and Support form.

“We are finding a lot of people are testing positive on a rapid test at home, and not completing the form. This has meant people aren’t getting access to treatment that could help them,” says Barrett. “Filling in the form is a great way to help us, help you. Without that form, we can’t assess people for treatment. Please fill in the form – it is short, and the questions are only about you and your health so you will know the answers!”

It is important to note that not everyone who has a risk factor qualifies for COVID-19 treatment. If you test positive, complete the Report and Support screening form and if you do not receive a phone call, based on your current situation, you would not benefit from treatment.

If Nova Scotians have even mild symptoms of COVID-19, they should complete the following steps:

Step 1: Book a COVID-19 test (PCR or rapid), or take a rapid test at home.
Step 2: If your test is positive, complete the Report and Support screening form.
Step 3: If you get a phone call from an unknown number within a few days of completing your Report and Support form, answer it. It may be one of our treatment team prescribers calling to talk to you.

Testing is available across in Nova Scotia. If you have symptoms, book an appointment for a test (PCR or rapid) online at https://covid-self-assessment.novascotia.ca/en, or call 811.

Rapid tests are available at most public libraries, MLA offices, family resource centres, COVID-19 testing centres and Public Health Mobile Units.

To fill out the Report and Support screening form go to https://c19hc.nshealth.ca/self-report/ or call 1-833-797-7772 and someone will assist you with completing the form over the phone.