Committed to lifelong learning: Meet Sally Carvery, community nurse and recent graduate from Memorial University

Sally Carvery, community nurse and recent graduate from Memorial University
Sally Carvery, community nurse and recent graduate from Memorial University looking excited after her final presentation for her Masters.

Sally Carvery has been working as a registered nurse for Nova Scotia Health since 2007. Throughout her career, she has always worked in the mental health field – first working inpatient psychiatry at the Nova Scotia Hospital, and then in Psychiatric Emergency Services at the Halifax Infirmary. Now a recent graduate from the Master of Nursing program at Memorial University, she is currently a community nurse at an outpatient mental health clinic.

 “My academic experience was refreshing, yet challenging,” said Carvery. “To have graduated on top of working full time and raising a young family, bolstered my confidence and desire to remain committed to life-long learning. The biggest takeaway from my degree was to remain current with reading and research to ensure I am providing the best clinical practice to my patients.”

The degree itself, however, was a significant financial commitment, given the rising costs of graduate studies.

“I came across the Gail Martell-Denne Memorial Bursary when searching the Nova Scotia Health website looking for post-secondary scholarships for staff,” said Carvery. “After hearing that I was the successful candidate for the bursary, I was extremely grateful that it covered the last course to complete my degree. Not only did it provide financial relief, but it also gave me the last boost I needed to finish off my final research project and graduate.”

Established in 2017, the Gail Martell-Denne Memorial Bursary is an annual award that provides financial assistance to nurses who are furthering their education as either a full or part time student.

Carvery strongly recommends that anyone interested in and eligible for the bursary consider applying. She notes that the process was streamlined and uncomplicated, and all of those involved were helpful in clarifying any questions or concerns.

“It was a breath of fresh air to have support on your side when having so much on your plate,” says Carvery.

For Carvery, inspiration comes from many places, but first and foremost, it comes from her parents, who have always demonstrated a selfless commitment to helping others.

“They instilled strong values of giving and caring for others when in need,” said Carvery. “In turn, this created a fundamental desire and passion to enter the nursing profession. My approach with patients has always been genuine, empathetic and compassionate, which again, comes from the strong example set by my parents. What I find most inspirational about my nursing practice is stabilization of psychiatric illness, and having patients lead successful and meaningful lives.”

Looking forward, Carvery’s next steps will be to move into the areas of education or leadership.

“More doors have opened since I completed my MScN, and I look forward to the opportunities that await,” said Carvery.

Scholarships and funds, like the Gail Martell-Denne Memorial Bursary, help our healthcare workers pursue new educational opportunities. This investment is helping to ensure that Nova Scotia has the best healthcare professionals in the country and around the world. For more information on the Gail Martell-Denne Memorial Bursary, visit the Nova Scotia Health website.