Cape Breton Renal Clinic Hosting 4th Transplant Expo

The Cape Breton Renal Clinic is hosting its 4th Transplant Expo on Friday, June 9 at the Ukrainian Hall in Whitney Pier. The expo takes places from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Approximately, 100 people will take part in the event including those interested in the donation process, those involved in the recipient process, people who have already received a kidney and their loved ones, health care providers and community leaders with an interest in kidney disease and areas where kidney disease is prevalent.

The expo focuses on the history, present and future of kidney transplants as well as keeping your kidney healthy.

“Our community has benefited from the transplant process,” says Stephanie Sawka, clinic nurse with the Renal Clinic. “One recipient told me that the moment you receive the call that a kidney is available for them, you feel so many things-you’re excited, you’re stressed, you’re hopeful, you’re fearful and you’re relieved that it’s happening. We have more than 110 healthy individuals in our communities who have received this precious gift.”

Speakers will cover a variety of topics. Dr. Allan MacDonald, surgeon, will talk about the history of kidney transplants. Dr. Tom Hewlett, nephrologist, will discuss kidney pancreas transplants-where we are now and where we are going. Other topics include: staying active with a healthy kidney, the effect of anti-rejection drugs on your diet and managing your general health and well-being. A patient panel will also take place.

There will also be displays and booths at the expo including foot care, blood pressure, transplant information, nutrition, social work, monthly lab and Your Way to Wellness.

The event is open to transplant donors, recipients and their families, people awaiting transplants and their families. A limited number of seats remain available. To register, contact 902-567-8067.


Media Contacts:
Greg Boone, Communications & Public Relations: 902-567-7791/902-565-6872 (cell)
Stephanie Sawka, Clinic Nurse-Renal Clinic, 902-567-8067 (Expo day contact)