Big changes for health care in Nova Scotia


With more than 23,400 employees, 2,500 physicians, 4,500 learners and 7,000 volunteers, Nova Scotia Health Authority is a sizable community unto itself. Our work in both rural and urban settings takes place in our one specialty hospital, nine regional hospitals and 35 community locations.

We have a budget of $1.9 billion annually to provide care and services to the more than 940,000 residents of Nova Scotia, as well as those from other parts of Atlantic Canada who come to the QEII Health Sciences Centre for specialty care.

Emergency visits to our facilities top 599,000 each year. Outpatient visits to both hospital and community settings total almost 1.8 million, and surgical visits more than 144,000. At any given time, 1,200 active research projects are underway within our organization, reflecting our commitment to learning and innovation.

We work in partnership with others to achieve our mission of healthy people, healthy communities, for generations. Our partners include the IWK Health Centre, which focuses on women's health and specialty care for children and youth. We are supported by 41 foundations and 33 auxiliaries throughout the province, and rely on their donors to help fund advances in patient care and research, as well as infrastructure improvements. Our 37 community health boards are another important partner in our work, acting as the eyes, ears and voice of Nova Scotia's communities. Together, we are committed to building a united health system and improving the health outcomes of our people.