Withdrawal Management and Wellness (Detox)

The Withdrawal Management and Wellness Program ("Detox") combines functions of an outpatient (day program) withdrawal management (detox) and structured treatment, providing the support of a team-based approach. We match the program’s intensity and duration with an individual’s  needs and provide a shared-care approach focused on engaging with each client’s circle of care and circle of support.. 

It offers  withdrawal management and/or structured relapse preventions based on individual care plans.

Withdrawal Management and Wellness focuses on the strengths of our clients and communities. We serve clients across Kings and Annapolis Counties.

Location, hours and contact information

Soldier’s Memorial Hospital
Tel: 1-855-273-7110

How do I access this program?

To access this program you can be referred by your doctor or by your addictions clinician. To begin seeing an addictions clinician, call 1-855-273-7110.