Postnatal Care
Maternal and Child
Checking your baby’s feeding, weight gain and a general physical wellbeing will continue after your leave the hospital. Advice, ongoing support and follow-up will be available as you need it for feeding and caring for your baby. This may initially be provided in the hospital or you may be supported by a member of the Public Health team. They can also direct you to other community support organizations. 

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Location, contact information and hours

Postpartum Inpatient Units
Aberdeen Hospital 902-752-7600 ext. 2530
  • Effective March 27, 2020 and until further notice, the inpatient women’s and children’s unit at Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre in Amherst is temporarily closed, including for any planned deliveries.  Pregnancy and delivery care will be provided at Colchester East Hants Health Centre in Truro or the Moncton Hospital in Moncton, NB depending on the patients’ home location.  In the event of an emergency or unplanned delivery, there will be family physician, an obstetrician and nursing staff available in Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre to support pregnancy care. Prenatal care will continue to be provided by the hospital’s team. This closure allows for the redeployment of the staff and physician to other work.
St. Martha's Regional Hospital 902-867-4500 ext. 4200
Valley Regional Hospital 902-679-2657 ext. 3050
Yarmouth Regional Hospital 902-742-3542 ext. 1132
Postnatal Clinic 
Aberdeen Hospital
Tel: 902-752-7600
Postpartum Assessment Clinic (6 weeks postpartum) 
Colchester East Hants Health Centre
Tel: 902-893-5544
Postnatal Clinic (Open Arms Clinic) 
St. Martha’s Regional Hospital
Tel: 902-867-4500 ext. 4364
New Mother's Resource Clinic 
Valley Regional Hospital
Tel: 902-679-2657 ext. 3054
Please note, if you are located in the HRM, the IWK offers postnatal services. 

How do I access this service? 

To access postnatal care services, call the facility closest to you. 

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