Opioid Treatment Program (Methadone-Buprenorphine)

Methadone (or Buprenorphine) can be used to help individuals with a dependence or addiction to opioids (pain medication). They are used to help individuals manage and overcome dependence/addiction to pain medication and are used along with other therapy and support.

Additional services in the program may include:

  • Counseling and developing an individual treatment plan
  • Therapy groups and programs
  • Referrals to psychiatrist, mental health clinician and medical testing (if needed)
  • Support accessing community resources (e.g. housing and income supports)

The program is made up of a team of health care professionals including nurses, doctors, and social workers.

Location, hours and contact information

E.C. Purdy Building
Nova Scotia Hospital
300 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth
Central intake number: 902-424-8866

How do I get an appointment?

To find out if this program is the right option for you, please call our central intake team: 902-424-8866 or toll free at 1-866-340-6700