Health Information Request (Release of Health Information)

You have the right to access and request a copy of your personal health information from Nova Scotia Health Authority.

There are limited exceptions to your right of access. For example, you may not be given access to information that was collected during an investigation or that includes personal health information about another individual.

There may be fees associated with this service based on the region you submit the request to.

You can find out more about your privacy and the collection of your personal health information HERE

Are you looking for your immunization records?

Contact Information

For further information about your personal health information please email 

How do I request the release of my health records from NSHA?

You will need to know which of the former Nova Scotia District Health Authorities currently holds your information.    

One you have determined that, fill out the appropriate request form below and submit it to the relevant contact person.

Release of Health Information Request Forms

Fee Schedules for Release of Health Information Requests (by Region)

Looking for your Immunization Records?

Contact the Public Health office in your area to learn how to access your immunization records.

*If you are a parent requesting information for your child:

Under the age of 19 - A parent is able to make a written request for immunization records for children under the age of 19. A signed release of information is not required from the child.

Over the age of 19 – If a parent requests immunization records and their child is 19 years of age or over, the child must sign the appropriate form to give permission to release those records.

Looking for Freedom of Information Requests (FOIPOP)?

Please fill out and submit the PDF fillable form to make a request.