Update: Nova Scotia Health to require proof of vaccination for most visitors and support people starting October 13

Nova Scotia Health has received several questions regarding the proof of vaccination requirement for support people and visitors effective on October 13. We hope the following clarification is helpful.

Effective October 13, most visitors and support people coming to all Nova Scotia Health sites will be required to show proof of vaccination, or a medical exemption letter, along with government-issued identification, when entering Nova Scotia Health facilities. 

While we ask that whenever possible all visitors and support people entering Nova Scotia Health facilities be fully vaccinated, there are some circumstances where a patient requires support and their only option for support is an unvaccinated person.  An exemption will be granted for someone accompanying: 

  • A patient under the age of 19
  • A patient in labour and delivery 
  • A patient requiring a substitute decision-maker 

Additional exceptions may be made in discussion with a patient’s care team for compassionate reasons, such as for those who are critically ill or those nearing end-of-life. 

When a patient requires support from an unvaccinated person, they can only have that one support person. No additional, vaccinated visitors or support people will be permitted. There are no additional changes to the number of support people or visitors permitted if fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Proof of vaccination will not be required for patients seeking or receiving care or treatment. 

We know how important it is to have loved ones present while a patient is in the hospital. Proof of full vaccination is intended to provide a layer of protection against the spread of COVID-19 so that we can continue to safely maintain family presence while reducing the risk of introducing or transmitting COVID-19 within our facilities.