Our people in profile: RN and operational manager describes the “family focus” of Valley Regional Hospital team

Tim Murray, registered nurse and operational manager at Valley Regional Hospital
Tim Murray, registered nurse and operational manager at Valley Regional Hospital (contributed)

Registered nurse and operational manager Tim Murray, has called the Valley Regional Hospital (VRH) emergency department his home for the last four years. 

Before he began working at the Kentville-based hospital, Murray’s nursing career began in the U.K. and he has also worked as far away as East Africa. 

“Valley Regional Hospital is an amazing place to work and I am so proud of the more than 100 staff and physicians who provide care to the patients that we see every day,” he said. 

He describes the emergency team as a family who works together in good times and bad. 

“My responsibility is to help support staff so they can do what they do best - which is to care for the people of our community who are in crisis.” 

Staff and physicians at VRH’s emergency department see more than 40,000 patient visits per year – which works out to about 110 patient per day.

These patients arrive with a wide variety of conditions.

“Patient-centered care is at the heart of all we do and we pride ourselves on being an invaluable resource for our local community.” 

In response to the needs of patients, there have been significant advances in the way patients are seen and treated and this is highlighted through the data NSHA continues to collect. 

There has also been a focus on improving the work culture - checking in with how staff are doing and providing them with support through debriefings and ‘team care days.’ 

The daily work of the doctors and nurses in any emergency department is both challenging and rewarding.   

“In my eyes, they are heroes.” 

Murray notes the importance of team work and commends many others who contribute to the patient experience and journey such as ward clerks, care team attendants, housekeeping, security and acute care paramedics.

He’s often amazed that in spite of the increased demands and pressures that is felt by everyone, staff continue to come to work with enthusiasm and provide ongoing excellent care.