Nova Scotia Health Authority annual general meeting focuses on innovation, collaboration in ensuring healthy Nova Scotians for generations

NSHA AGM - July 12, 2018 @ Pier 21 in Halifax

Nurses at computer

Innovation is the key to a healthier future in Nova Scotia.
It is with this vision that Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) hosted its third annual general meeting, Healthier Together: Working Differently for a Heathier Future, on Wednesday.
“New ways of thinking and doing are important as we face our challenges head on,” NSHA president and CEO Janet Knox said. “New ideas, technology and methods are essential to support our vision of healthy people, healthy communities – for generations.” 
The meeting opened with the video story of Marjorie Keeping, a patient of the INSPIRED COPD program, which provides care at home for patients living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. This innovative program improves quality of life and helps keep patients out of hospital. 
NSHA welcomes opportunities to work with our partners to provide the highest quality health care possible. From patients and staff to community members and our many other partners, new ideas and knowledge that can advance health, healing and learning come from all of us. 
“We have to bring all those who are impacted by health care transformation along the way as our partners and in an informed, deliberate way,” NSHA board of directors chair Frank van Schaayk said. 
The board chair acknowledged outgoing members David Dow, Anna Stuart, John Young and outgoing Board Chair, Steve Parker. He also welcomed four new members: Dr. Louise Cloutier, Dr. Cindy Forbes, David Graham and Dr. Patti Hansen-Ketchum.
NSHA’s 2017-18 annual report recognizes and celebrates a “spirit of learning, discovery, collaboration and innovation, as we continue to work differently together for a healthier future,” Knox added.
Highlights from NSHA 2017-18 annual report include: 

  • How NSHA is bringing cancer care closer to where patients live.
  • What NSHA is doing to increase safety in community emergency departments, beginning with Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital.
  • How patient advisors are helping us create a strong foundation for quality surgical care.

NSHA’s full 2017-18 annual report is available at:

A collection of the various posters displayed at the AGM event is available here (.pdf)